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Outbound prospecting, copywriting, deliverability, sequence writing & GTM strategy for teams + individuals.

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My Story

Hi. I'm Jed Mahrle.
I make prospecting practical so sellers, leaders & founders can create repeatable outbound systems.

Over the last five years, I’ve built two outbound sales teams from scratch (PandaDoc & Mailshake), in crowded markets where we were the underdogs.

Then, in 2022, I noticed a change.

Our buyers are busier than ever and more cautious about how they spend money. Additionally, channels like email, phone, and LinkedIn are more crowded than ever due to the rise of AI and automation tools.

I needed a solution to cut through the noise.

Which led me to build The Practical Prospecting Method.

I’ve helped dozens of clients implement these methods to consistently book qualified meetings (without relying expensive tech stack or hiring more SDRs).

I share these strategies with 17,000+ readers weekly via The Practical Prospecting Newsletter.

Our Process:

Three ways I can help you:

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"Jed's thoughtful approach is what differentiates him. I've worked with a few different outbound agencies and services, but Jed's the only one to take a true deep dive into my ICP, our product's value prop, and how that can be delivered in an easy-to-understand way with a strategic CTA"
Brian Hamor
“Jed’s a great coach and always encourages people making them feel motivated and helping them become better. His mission to elevate SDR work radiates in everything he does. Watch this space, poised to go far! Recommend highly.”
Julia Nimchinski
“Jed Mahrle is the future of sales development. Seeing his talent at this age, he will be a leader in the industry for years to come. He's earned my respect through merit and continues to deliver; watch him.”
Patrick Joyce
Head of Sales
“Jed offers a distinct and refreshing approach to training. His commitment to staying current with the latest technology and trends, combined with his personal experience and ongoing learning, resulted in a threefold increase in my productivity within just a few months. He offers a new and refreshing approach to sales training.”
Mark Moore